“Faith does not operate …

“Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.”

I love this quote.  I have been reading a book by Bill Bright, and that is where I found it.  I feel this really describes one of the reasons that I wanted to run a full marathon.  I wanted to push myself to my limit.  I definitely did not complete it on my own though.  There was a point when I got to mile 15 or 16, and realized that my body didn’t feel like it had anything left to give.  At that point, I had to pray for strength to finish the rest of the race.  I had asked the Lord to be with me even before the race started. But this was a different point I was at now, where I had come to the end of myself, and needed some supernatural help to finish the race.  It was definitely not something that I did on my own. 

I find this to be true in my daily life too.  A specific example would be taking care of my kids each day.  I get to the end of each day after putting them to bed, and am usually completely exhausted.  Not just physically, but emotionally some days as well.  When I live in this mode of trying to do everything on my own, I find I become completely frustrated with the way I parent during the day.  I find myself being short with the kids, irritated easily, anxious, and just not the person that I want to be.  I want my new habit each morning to be asking Jesus for His supernatural strength to carry out my daily life.  When I do ask the Lord to be present with me, I find myself able to be more like Him.  Even the tasks that seem like they mean nothing, become something that I am doing for Him.  I become more patient, loving, and not so focused on myself.  And I believe that seeing this in my life, will hopefully help my kids to know I am not a perfect person, but I have a relationship with someone who is.   

This is how I believe to live out this quote to the fullest.  Realizing my limitations, and even in my daily life experiencing the supernatural power of Christ in my life.  I may not have the power to do these things on my own, but when I ask for help, it is amazing to see the faithfulness of the Lord in my life.  I want my life to be one that does not operate in the realm of “humanly possible” things.  Even when it is just making lunch or changing a diaper.  I want to see the supernatural each day of my life.  That is where my faith begins.     

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Hi! So glad that you stopped by! My name is Becky, I am a Jesus follower, wife to a pastor, and mom to 4 kids. I am a writer and a speaker. I have a heart to minister specifically to women. I want to encourage others to walk with Jesus on a daily basis, because I believe this is life-changing. I desire to be myself, imperfections and all. I believe that being authentic is the best to relate to others. I love coffee, exercising, shopping for deals, and connecting with friends one on one when I can. Feel free to browse through my site, and I hope it encourages you!

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  1. Great posting! I am SO with you on the daily parenting thing…sometimes it’s so challenging and in the midst of it a blessing all the same.

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