It’s OK

If you are a perfectionist like I am, give yourself permission….to be imperfect. Sometimes I find that I need to tell myself that IT IS OK, in order to accept reality. It’s ok if you have to say “I’m sorry,” or you get disappointed by something, or even fail. That isn’t the end. You can getContinue reading “It’s OK”

Holding My Tongue, Even When it Hurts.

Words can hurt sometimes. Especially from someone close to you, but even from someone you might not know very well.  My child had some words for me tonight, that at first felt like a punch in the gut.  But before I reacted, I tried to take a second before I spoke, and think.  Sometimes weContinue reading “Holding My Tongue, Even When it Hurts.”

Changing My Perspective

Sometimes I find myself wondering… Why did this happen to me? I deserve better than this! How could I be treated like this?  It isn’t easy to keep a healthy perspective living in the culture we do. We live in a consumer driven society. Entitlement runs throughout. Expectations aren’t always realistic.  Following Jesus, entitlement doesn’t exist. Jesus didn’t promiseContinue reading “Changing My Perspective”