Just In Case You Forgot

It is easy to forget who the God is we serve. Thinking something might be too difficult for him. But just remember he was the one who brought creation into existence. He made the skies, stars, and everything we see around us. He made each person that has ever existed. And not a single one of us is the same. We are all unique. He has walked on water, healed people, and performed miracles. He defeated death by coming back to life after being crucified. He is an all-knowing, always present, never failing, unchanging, all-powerful God. There is NOTHING that is too difficult for him. 

So rest friends. Our God is more than able. 

Published by becweber

Hi! So glad that you stopped by! My name is Becky, I am a Jesus follower, wife to a pastor, and mom to 4 kids. I am a writer and a speaker. I have a heart to minister specifically to women. I want to encourage others to walk with Jesus on a daily basis, because I believe this is life-changing. I desire to be myself, imperfections and all. I believe that being authentic is the best to relate to others. I love coffee, exercising, shopping for deals, and connecting with friends one on one when I can. Feel free to browse through my site, and I hope it encourages you!

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