The Naked Truth


I was listening to the radio on the way home the other day when a song caught my attention. Most of the time the radio is for background noise, but this time was different. I noticed the words, “strip it down for me” in this particular song, telling a woman to take her clothes off.

The more I thought about it, the more these words started to bother me. It is just a song, but the words I heard are an example of our culture taking something sacred that was created to take place within a marriage, and turning it into something to be shared with any random person. Our naked bodies being handed out without even thinking of what the consequences might be. Without any regard to the harm it can do if we don’t handle ourselves with care. It shouldn’t be this way. We should care about modesty, and keep certain parts of our body private. Saving this gift for marriage.

As a woman, it is important to know how much we are valued and loved. Jesus has made each one of us (men and women) unique, unlike anyone else. He loved us enough to die for us.  Being that he created us, he knows what is best for us. He created sex between a man and woman to give us an example of what it is like to be in perfect relationship. Similar to what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have. To fully know each other. Hiding nothing.

Sex and physical intimacy should be handled with care. Not to be taken lightly. I wish I could stand in front of every woman and tell them that they are worth waiting for. That any man who wants to be with you should respect you, not tell you to “strip it down for him” if you want to be loved. It doesn’t work that way. It may not make sense to this culture we live in, but the Lord has reasons for his ways. And that his ways are best. I speak from experience.

I wish I would have listened to this advice. It’s one thing to hear it, but another to follow it. Being a girl who didn’t fully understand how much the Lord loved me, I sought it out other ways. Boyfriends and men were who I sought approval from. Standards slip when you don’t know your worth. But when I got the attention I was seeking, the high didn’t last long. Once again, I would feel hollow. What I had put forth of myself wasn’t worth it. There was more regret than anything else.

Looking back, I only wish I would have known the love Jesus has for me. That his plans are better.

Being married for more than 10 years now, I can look back and identify the mistakes that were made and how I might have changed the way I acted. But the biggest thing for me now is not regret or shame, but the love and redemption Jesus gives me. He makes me whole, and can take things I have done wrong and use them for good.

The most beautiful part though is experiencing that kind of intimacy in the setting he created for it. For a much higher purpose. 

Above all know Jesus loves you, mistakes and all. You are never too far from his grace and redemption. He can make you whole. He will show you that you are worth more than your physical body. He made it so that we could experience that kind of pleasure, but in the way he planned it. 

Don’t doubt his love for you. Claim it for yourself today, and let his redeeming power take over. ❤️

Published by becweber

Hi! So glad that you stopped by! My name is Becky, I am a Jesus follower, wife to a pastor, and mom to 4 kids. I am a writer and a speaker. I have a heart to minister specifically to women. I want to encourage others to walk with Jesus on a daily basis, because I believe this is life-changing. I desire to be myself, imperfections and all. I believe that being authentic is the best to relate to others. I love coffee, exercising, shopping for deals, and connecting with friends one on one when I can. Feel free to browse through my site, and I hope it encourages you!

2 thoughts on “The Naked Truth

  1. When we don’t realize our value before the Father, standards slip.
    Such wisdom, becweber. Thank you, also, for your brave transparency. Beauty for ashes. Always.

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